Crossing Bridges

Photo by Brodie Vissers from Burst

(100 word challenge)

Worn boots on a weathered table under a canopy of oak. Hot coffee. Angie joined him on the terrace.

There was nothing to say. The weight of it all dampened the sun’s warmth.

“You shouldn’t have called him.”

“It’s time to start fresh, Hal.”

“He doesn’t know me. I don’t know me.” He looked pained.

“I know you.” She squeezed his shoulder. “You are the man that showed me with your love and patience how wonderful life can be. You’ll be a great father.

She sat beside him. He kissed her hand.

“Maybe,” he said.

Healing Tide

Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst

(100 word challenge)

Calypso. She dances in the salty wind, the sea swells beneath her feet. I fell in love with Calypso, the mistress of my soul. Yet darkness hid within her.

She threw the wine glass at the hearth and it shattered. I watched as if it would magically dissolve into the black slate. “He raped me when I was ten,” she said.

I took her hand. “I will never hurt you.”

“You already have. Only a fool makes that promise.”

“Then, I will hurt with you.”

Reduced to a slow-rolling wave, she gently broke upon me. “I believe you.”

The Heart’s Expanse

Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst

(100 word challenge)

It was a well-traveled road with detours that tested them. The journey took most of their lives. At last they crested the rise where a familiar sun greeted them.

“Take my hand once again,” Sonny said, inspired.

“After all we have been through.” Rae took his hand without hesitating.

“I don’t understand why you’re still here.”

She said, as plainly as she always had, “I love you.”

He did not understand why and never would, but as they reached the summit, the expanse of rock and cliff and deepest ocean stole his breath. Finally, he accepted it.