When I work, I get an impression about the characters and the details of their lives and who they are.  I get this impression before I even start writing.  Something about the emotional state of a character or a crucial situation in their life strikes me and I have to write it.  One impression leads to the next and the lives of my characters intertwine.  I follow the sparks and hopefully they lead to fire.  In the end I know these characters so well I’ve become them in some way.

Take Joe Taylor, for instance.  When I was writing his story I went around rubbing my chin like I wanted a drink (I don’t drink) and sitting like a man with my legs wide apart.  Of course, I lost these tendencies when the book was done and finally put to rest on my bookshelf.

I can imagine and feel moments of these characters’ lives that were never part in the book, but are part of the character as a whole.  These moments influenced and shaped who they became as presented in their books.  I look forward to sharing these snapshots with you and hope you enjoy them, too.