Safe Haven

Photo by C. Cagnin from Pexels

Safe Haven

By Lisa Barker

Warm floorboards drenched by midday sun, 
swept clean, 
the tidy broom in the corner

Yellow is the room – 
the walls, the glow, the aura

There stands a bare table, aged 
and worn smooth 
with a sensible chair to keep it company in its elder years

I shall place my typewriter there
I shall click and clack and breathe in ink and electrical warmth

Stories will flow, 
characters will fill the room; 
heartbreak and heartache will be the tune 
as main and minor characters dance to a healing finale

This room, my soul, will protect them and nurture their transformation


Slow and Steady

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

I broke 5K words on my novel. The goal this week is to finish this chapter – almost there! – and get well into the next.

Will be happy to write three chapters this April. I’m reading Still Writing: The Perils and Pleasures of a Creative Life by Dani Shapiro. I am in good company. She writes that it takes her two years to finish a novel. Yay! I’m not alone. (I’ll write a review for those writers who may be interested when I finish the book.)

Meanwhile, keep on writing NANOWRIMOs!

Commitment (for writers)

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By Grant Faulkner – Executive Director, NANOWRIMO

Call your novel.

Open your heart.

Make time for your dreams.

Mix your favorite writing fuel.

Ignite your imagination.

Trust that your story matters.

Muster up the moxie to go boldly into your story.

Engage your community in your creative pursuit.

Never doubt.

Tell yourself you are a writer—because writers write, and you are writing!

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