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Joy robbed her of melancholy
and robbed her of words.

The novel stalled,
the blog posts stopped.

In this season of gratitude she had abundance.

Without loss,
the page remained blank.

She did not want to pick at the old wounds.

Love extinguished pain.

“I have all that I need and I have no wants.”

“He’s changed, I’ve changed, we’ve changed together.”

There is peace,
there is love,
there is joy.

There is a future together.
“‘Til death do us part.”

And they remained that way.

Not ‘The end.’
The beginning.

Blessings to all this Thanksgiving.

SHE On The Tip of Her Tongue

SHE On The Tip Of Her Tongue

“It’s just that you’re not that feminine.”

I beg to differ.

I’m feminine like a thunderstorm.

Feminine like the glint of a falcon talon.

Feminine like an ancient redwood.

Feminine like the orange glow of a grizzly bear in the sunset.

Feminine like a wolf on the hunt.

Feminine like decaying bones.

Feminine like the eye of an old whale.

Feminine like a roaring river.

Feminine like a sheer cliff overlooking a forest.

Feminine like a wildfire.

Feminine like a desert wind.

Feminine like a battle cry.

And yes.

Within my stones and bark and fur and fierce slit irises… I am as soft and enveloping as any woman who’s blood ever beat red.

This is the Sovereigness.

I am her.

We are her.

We are an age of woman who has come in, representing the medicine of the Wilds.

We are not built to actualize your sense of masculinity through your traditional idea of femininity.

We are built to bring in the voice of our Mother.

Which is why Earth herself screams in our veins.

So, if what you really mean is,

“Your femininity is overwhelming”,

Then I understand.

It is to me, too.

~ Adrianne Tamar Arachne

The Art & Illustration Of Adrianne Tamar Arachne

Art by Julia Jeffery

Stonemaiden Art

Whom do you love?

This is anybody and everybody that we love: human, animal, deity, and self. The implications run deep!

Who do you love that has had the greatest impact on you? For me, currently and as the person I have become, that’s the Universe as God, my self, my husband, my children, my friends, and my cats.

The biggest impact now is love of self, something I lacked for most of my life until I lost my husband. He has returned in many ways (physical, emotional, mental) but self comes first.

Then, it’s whom I choose to share my abundance of love. The Universe is one with me-that’s where my love of self was inspired.

In my work in progress (WIP), my main characters are also shaped by whom they love. It is amazing to create and develop characters in this way!

What are your thoughts?


Silver Falls, Oregon – Photo credit: Lisa Barker


Love like dappled light
intermittently blinds then clarifies
as my heart drives the back roads of my mind.

I don’t remember the pain, but
briefly it surprises me with bursts of sunlight that
quickly vanish into shades of clarity.

I follow the road with confidence, knowing well
the curves that wind deeper into dense, lush forests of noble fir.

A new stretch of certainty emerges and
I coast through the present road conditions
with eyes wide open.

When the road unwinds through quiet, tawny pastures,
the sun sets in my rear view mirror and twilight greets me;
the stars guide my way
reflecting the illumination of my intuition and
the draft of wind through the open window
catches my breath.

-Lisa Barker