Joe & Wendy

One fateful night they meet and soon feel a connection, but can they recover and heal from their traumatic pasts?


  • New Year, New Adventures

    Since the new year started, I have been rearranging the furniture (things that mean the most to me) around in my mind. One of those special things is writing and making time for it. I think that by the end of January, I will have a pattern set and a new habit to begin. It’s…

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  • Gratitude

    Joy robbed her of melancholyand robbed her of words. The novel stalled,the blog posts stopped. In this season of gratitude she had abundance. Without loss,the page remained blank. She did not want to pick at the old wounds. Love extinguished pain. “I have all that I need and I have no wants.” “He’s changed, I’ve…

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  • Happy Halloween

    Photo by Pixabay: pexels.com

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  • Staff Meeting

    Truth. And my office is my car.

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  • SHE On The Tip of Her Tongue

    SHE On The Tip Of Her Tongue “It’s just that you’re not that feminine.” I beg to differ. I’m feminine like a thunderstorm. Feminine like the glint of a falcon talon. Feminine like an ancient redwood. Feminine like the orange glow of a grizzly bear in the sunset. Feminine like a wolf on the hunt.…

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