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(100 Word Challenge)

“Katie would just burst out with glee.”

“No matter what trial came into her life, she was a scrapper.  She didn’t let things keep her down.”

“She was kind.”

“She was wise.  She learned from her experiences and encouraged others.”

“She never gave up easily.  She was dedicated and loyal.”

“She counted her blessings and you really knew it if you were a blessing of hers.”

That was the kind of talk among those gathered at Katie’s memorial service from people whose hearts still held the fingerprints of God that Katie left.

Seven bright chrysanthemums lie upon her earthen grave.

Author: lisabarkerauthor

Indie author - Contemporary Fiction, Drama, Relationships, Recovery, Faith ⚜️INHERITANCE⚜️ Can Joe and Wendy's love free them and help them overcome the heartache they've inherited so they can start a new life together? Faith, hope and love prove stronger than the odds in this romantic drama. "Powerful. Gut wrenching. Realistic." --Glenda Bixler, Book Reviewer, Book Reader's Heaven See for more.

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