New month, who dis?

Inspired by @JDEstradaWriter I am marching through the new month with some blog prompts. To kick it off, let me introduce myself again. My blog tells you about me as a writer, but here’s a bit about me off the keyboard. In no particular order…

  • I have 13 cats. We had seven, but then we were adopted by a mama kitty (Star) and her five little girls: Tabbs, Mouse, Toes, Semi and Oreo. They are six months old now and we have no semblance of a house left.
  • I am studying for my special education preschool teaching credential. One year down, two more to go.
  • Besides my works in progress, I started a travel journal when the travel bug bit me last year; it bit me first out of necessity, but that has carried over to fun adventures.
  • I am also working on a book for my kids with little scraps of memories about my life and the family I was born into, so they have those snapshots of where they come from and how I got to be the mom they know today.
  • Friday is pizza night for my family and, consequently, Saturday and Sunday breakfasts are, you guessed it right, pizza!
  • I have five granddogs, nine grandcats and one grandrabbit.
  • This year I am traveling to Sacramento and Oregon.
  • I am a Dragon Sister. My sisters and I have each gone through some very difficult times and we survived and thrived. So we are kick-butt Dragon Sisters. I think I am the last one to get a dragon tattoo, thinking it will be small and incorporate the semicolon.
  • I am currently collecting mini bunny figurines carved out of quartz, jade, amethyst and any other interesting stone or crystal.
  • Weakness Alert: Diet Coke!

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