Hello, I’m back

Public domain image. If you know who this belongs to, let me know and I’ll happily post credit.

This is my writing blog/website. I am slowly but surely cultivating it for readers and other writers. It’s a quiet place, new to the world, but old and familiar to me. If you are just discovering my home on the internet, welcome!

I like to write 100 word challenges that are snippets of mood, reflection or even a moment or tiny short story. Sometimes I post song lyrics to share my current mood or emotions that are setting the tone for a current work in progress. But recently I have shared the illness and loss of my sister. Why would I do that on my writing blog? Because it deeply affects my writing and, as such, I have been quiet online and sitting with my memories, enjoying and celebrating the life of Susan and dancing around the grief.

But now it’s time to write again. I can tell you that I am ready. The itch is strong with this one.

I hope you will stay-tuned for more little snippets of writing, lyrics, poetry, and news about the happenings of this writer.

Currently, I am working on a book that I will give to my children this year for Christmas. I am also being interviewed at the end of March and hope to share that with you. On the side, I am working on a venture to help other writers and to hopefully avoid customer service as a second job. Grad school is going well but has suffered due to grief and writer’s block. Today feels great, though, and I feel like I am climbing out of the the pit that Creative Ones often visit. Blessedly, it makes writing that much better when we come back to it.

I hope this day finds you happy and healthy!

With love and gratitude,



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