Photo by Lisa Barker

(100 Word Challenge)

Moonlight bathes the sky creating a silhouette of the tree in the front yard.  The house sleeps.  She types and only the intermittent clicks of the keyboard and the ticking of the wall clock punctuate the stillness.


Bursting creativity.

She gives in to creativity and hopes for the best in meeting those deadlines, shedding the angst in story writing while she composes her essays for graduate school in the back of her mind, a sort of double-writing.

No longer a mother of little ones, she still wavers between duty and dreams, asking, “Why not?”

She has not slept tonight.

Hello, I’m back

Public domain image. If you know who this belongs to, let me know and I’ll happily post credit.

This is my writing blog/website. I am slowly but surely cultivating it for readers and other writers. It’s a quiet place, new to the world, but old and familiar to me. If you are just discovering my home on the internet, welcome!

I like to write 100 word challenges that are snippets of mood, reflection or even a moment or tiny short story. Sometimes I post song lyrics to share my current mood or emotions that are setting the tone for a current work in progress. But recently I have shared the illness and loss of my sister. Why would I do that on my writing blog? Because it deeply affects my writing and, as such, I have been quiet online and sitting with my memories, enjoying and celebrating the life of Susan and dancing around the grief.

But now it’s time to write again. I can tell you that I am ready. The itch is strong with this one.

I hope you will stay-tuned for more little snippets of writing, lyrics, poetry, and news about the happenings of this writer.

Currently, I am working on a book that I will give to my children this year for Christmas. I am also being interviewed at the end of March and hope to share that with you. On the side, I am working on a venture to help other writers and to hopefully avoid customer service as a second job. Grad school is going well but has suffered due to grief and writer’s block. Today feels great, though, and I feel like I am climbing out of the the pit that Creative Ones often visit. Blessedly, it makes writing that much better when we come back to it.

I hope this day finds you happy and healthy!

With love and gratitude,