A Good Sign?

I love to hear from readers, I appreciate reviews, and I thrive talking with other writers no matter whether they are novices or pros or anywhere in between.

But interestingly, I’m getting requests to be friends with single men that want to get to know me, or think they know me, and “let’s see what happens”.


Maybe I am writing my 100 word challenge characters a little too well. That’s a compliment! But it’s not indicative of the kind of person I am.

Otherwise, I’d be dealing with my own alcoholism, past abuse, and current heartache.

Of course, I do write what I know-the human condition because I’m, well, human. But my characters and situations are f-i-c-t-i-o-n-a-l and usually inspired by music and topics that interest me.

I’m so glad my writing resonates with you. I have more books coming out in time. Please read them! I’m continuing Joe’s family story in Deliverance. If you liked Inheritance, I recommend the next novel. And, thank you for reading!



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