Nanowrimo Approacheth


Are you gonna do it this year?  Doesn’t matter how far you get or what you’ve got when you’re finished.  What matters is that you love to write and have fun at it.

That’s my perspective this year.  I’m trying my hand at a memoir.  Don’t know where I’ll go with it, but I know where it starts.  I think I can navigate from there as that is the kind of writer I am.

The one and only book I published was years ago, just after my daughter died.  Life was hard then, and has its moments now, but writing these 100 word challenges for this blog has been refreshing.  I think it’s time to write again no matter what becomes of it.

So, join me!  I’d be happy to be your writing buddy.  Just look for me under this easy to remember handle: LisaBarker

Come on, you can do it!  We’re gonna have fun.

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